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2013 Project 365

As a way to learn photography, I decided to take one picture a day for a year. I followed a loose set of rules as I went along, breaking some and setting new ones as I went. At first my aim was to take one picture a day to share on various websites like Facebook, LiveJournal, and Flickr. Then I thought it would be ok to fudge the actual date of the picture and just make sure I post one picture a day that was taken within one day of the day I posted it. I didn't really think I would stick with this project, and was sure nobody cared anyway. Surprisingly, people were enjoying and commenting on my pictures. They were actually looking forward to the next day's shot! Suddenly it became important to me to make the photographs as good as possible, and stick to the rule of taking a picture every single day. The combination of feedback from friends and family, and the new things I learned about photography techniques, made the project fun and interesting. It also forced me to stick to the project even when every fiber of my being wanted to NOT take a picture some days. This self-discipline got my creative juices stirred up. The results were surprising for me, and I hope you enjoy them.


Copyright Cindy Hansen

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