Great Grandparents


Emma Jahr and her parents, approx. 1863
Emma is Cindy's great-grandmother (her mother's paternal grandmother)


Emma Jahr


John M. Hawbaker married Emma


Andreas Severin Hansen, before he left Denmark.


Anna and Severin



Andreas Severin and Anna Hansen
They are Kevin's great-grandparents (his father's paternal grandparents)


Anna Christensen and her family.
Her parents, Andrew and Anna are seated.



Severin and his daughter Clara with her sister Inez's sons, Richard and Donald

6   7

George M. Beshore and Lydia Gibboney married in 1889
They are Cindy's great-grandparents (her mother's maternal grandparents)


Jim and Mirinda Little (standing), with their daughters, son-in-law, and grandchildren.
Louisa, seated on the right, is the mother of Kevin's paternal grandmother.


Big Jim Little


Jim and Mirinda Little


Kevin's paternal grandmother is on top of the haywagon, in the middle.
Her father, JC, is in front of the wagon, and his father-in-law, Jim Little, is on the left.


Kevin is being held by his great-grandfather, JC Green. His father and grandmother stand behind them.


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