Kevin's and Cindy's San Francisco Trip, 2008
The trip out, San Jose and Santa Cruz

Sunday morning, we flew out of Milwaukee, with a detour through Minneapolis, and across Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California, to San Francisco.

It looks like farmers were burning leaves. ;-)

This was in the mountains somewhere (obviously). California, maybe.

RN and crew met us at the San Francisco airport. It was good to see her and her daughter again, and to meet RB. We spent Sunday evening relaxing with everyone. They took us to a delicious Indian buffet, and later we played Apples to Apples. The next day, after a lazy morning, RN took us to the library where she and RB work. It's quite a building, with lots of art installations, and it was cool to see where they work. Then she and RB took us to Gordon Biersch for food and some good mojitos.

From there, RN trucked us down to Santa Cruz, and the Beach Boardwalk.

Being the off-season, it was nearly deserted. There were some people around, but most of the boardwalk was closed.

We walked out on the beach where some kids were boogie boarding in the surf. Then we went down the beach to the pier.

In the summer, since it's so crowded, it's hard to find cheap parking, let alone a spot that's close to the action. We were happy to find meter parking across the street from the boardwalk. After walking out on the pier, we discovered that free parking was plentiful.

There were several restaurants out there, one of which offered some tempting margaritas.
We passed them up, though, because the sea lions were calling us.

I'm not sure what they were calling us, but they sounded angry.

We also saw a pelican up close, and an otter not-so-close.

RN showed us her favorite shopping strip, in Santa Cruz, then we drove up the coast toward Half Moon Bay. We stopped at the very picturesque Bonny Doon Beach, for a few quick photos, none of which involved naked people.

We made another stop at Half Moon Bay before heading inland to join RN's daughter and RB for Mexican food and margaritas.

Back at their house, we spent time with Fred the Cat, had a little computer time, and played more games.