Kevin's and Cindy's San Francisco Trip, 2008
San Francisco and Golden Gate Park

Wednesday afternoon, after RN dropped us off at the station, we rode BART into the city. The train went under the bay, and we're pretty sure that was the first time we'd ever been below sea level. Kevin remarked to someone that he'd hate to be down there during an earthquake. They replied that it's one of the safest places to be. That may be, but it would still be a long walk back to the surface.

D met us at the station in the city, and presented us with Muni passes (woo hoo!), and took us to the Muni trolley/bus, and then over to M's condo, where we stayed for the rest of the week. We freshened up a bit, and then walked over Buena Vista hill, just in time to see the sun set, and catch some views of the city, including our first look at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then we went on to R's home, where we had a delicious dinner with her, D and M.

And their three cats.

The place we stayed was in the Haight Ashbury district, two blocks off Haight Street. Haight is... colorful. A lot of homeless people, smoke shops and tattoo parlors. Also some good restaurants (it's hard to find any other kind in the city) mixed in with hippie/touristy shops.

On Thursday, we went to Golden Gate Park and the newly reopened Academy of Sciences with R and D. We saw their "living" roof, the Foucault pendulum, a whale skeleton, coral reefs, and more.

Then she drove us to the pier where we embarked for Alcatraz. More on that, elsewhere. We enjoyed seeing the restored trolleys on Embarcadero.

After Alcatraz, we had a bit of a dilemma with the buses. We couldn't find a stop, and never saw any buses go by, though we were on the route. Finally, we found a stop, but still no buses. We were trying to determine a new plan, when some other people came up, and shortly, a bus arrived. Relief. So we rode that downtown, changed buses, and rode the 1 west, then arrived at our doorstep after another transfer.

We never saw a cable car the entire time we were there. Later on, wondering where they were, Kevin checked out a website. It said they run on California street, which was where our bus ride went. He checked a photograph taken from our bus stop, and sure enough there's a cable car in the distance. You can see the little blob right there in the middle, and it seems to be coming our way. We must have driven right by one, in the bus. It was dark out, and we were probably more intent on finding our stop on the map.

You can also see what looks like one of Chinatown's pagodas.

Friday, we started out bright and early, meeting R and M at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.


Then we went to the nearby Japanese Tea Garden.

From there, it was a short drive back to her place, to see her garden in the daylight.

From there, we rode the Muni down to the ferry building, where we hopped the ferry to Larkspur. Ellen, Jay and Samantha took us to Muir Woods and the redwoods.