Kevin's and Cindy's San Francisco Trip, 2008
Muir Woods and Tiburon
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After a ride on the commuter ferry from San Francisco to Larkspur (past San Quentin Prison), We met Ellen, Jay and their daughter Samantha. They took us up to Muir Woods, and the giant redwood trees. It's a beautiful and relaxing place, and the trees, of course, are amazing.

Notice the person on the trail behind the tree.

This second one doesn't really show the size of the trees accurately, but it's a nice shot anyway. The first one doesn't really give you a good feel for their size either, but it's really hard to do. Come to think of it, it's hard to get a good feel for their size when you're standing there next to them. That maple tree in your back yard isn't there to compare. And you don't really see the tops of these trees, either. Aside from that, they're smaller than you might think. Most people have seen pictures of the Sequoias, and while the redwoods are the tallest trees, the sequoias are the largest trees. They're the ones you've seen with tunnels carved into them. There are quite a variety of sizes (ages) of redwoods in the park. The ones that you see in my pictures that are really big (like the ones by the rangers), are some of the biggest ones.

When we got to the far end of the path, we climbed a hill, and took a different trail back. We saw only a few people up there, and a pair of deer.

Cindy thought many of the burls in the redwoods looked like faces.

After that, we went down to Tiburon, and watched the bay for a while.

After dinner, R and M met us, and drove us to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

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