Kevin's and Cindy's San Francisco Trip, 2008
Golden Gate Bridge, Victorian Homes and the Opera House
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After dinner with Ellen, Jay and Samantha, M and R picked us up and drove us to see the big bridge.

First we drove to the overlooks north of the Golden Gate.

Then we went down to the bridge and walked out to the first tower. The evening air was reasonable until we got about halfway out there. Then we were hit by a chilly breeze off the ocean. We stayed out there for a while anyway. Just a bit past closing time.

Here are pictures of some of the beautiful painted ladies in the city...

Early Saturday morning, we got a personal tour of the San Francisco Opera House, from R. That was very cool. We saw pretty much every place there. The stage, backstage, below the stage, above the stage, the orchestra pit, props, dressing rooms, wardrobe (even the laundry room - someone had tacked up the Onion article about how the Shroud of Turin got washed with a red shirt), makeup, practice rooms, waiting rooms, the video control room , the follow spots, the top of the chandelier, the sound room, the breakers and transformers, the house, the lobby, the balcony, the box seats and their special lounge. After all that, we were sitting in a box and she asks if there's anything else we wanted to see. We couldn't imagine there was anything else left to see!

So here's the opera house...

Looking down the back stage ropes from a couple floors up.

There are about twenty-five breaker panels, each with about fifty 20-amp circuits.

Many thanks, for the amazing tour!

City Hall next door.

After this, we walked to the BART station, to catch a ride back to the airport.

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