Cindy's and Kevin's Visit to Spain, 2009
The Cathedral of Seville
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On Monday morning, Donna took us to Seville's Cathedral. Constructed over the course of the twelfth century, it is the third largest cathedral, and the largest Gothic-style building in the world.


In the center of the cathedral is the choir. Everything is carved from beautiful, dark wood.
The detail is amazing, and all the carvings are unique.

The main altar is behind the choir.

The altarpiece was the life work of Pierre Dancart. It shows fifty scenes from the life of Christ.

Looking up at the gate in front of the Royal Chapel.

Statue of Ferdinand III (1199-1252), conqueror of Seville.

In the treasure room.

Reliquaries and relics of several saints, including the radius of Saint Juan de Ribera (on the left).

Justa and Rufina, patron saints of Seville.

A bishop's tomb, in one of the chapels.

This is the chapel of the Virgin of the Ancients, patroness of those who travel the seas. Christopher Columbus prayed here, before and after his famous voyage.

This is Columbus's tomb, just outside that chapel. His bones are in the raised casket.

La Giralda.
There was once a mosque on the site of the cathedral. It was knocked down to build the new church. Two parts of the mosque were retained - the patio and back gate, and the minaret.

This minaret, called La Giralda, had a belfry added to the top. At the bottom of the picture, you can see the original Moorish design, with the lighter neoclassical stone on top of it. Just above that part, you can see the arms and cameras of sightseers under the bells.

The Patio de los Naranjos (orange tree patio). It is of original Moorish construction. There is a fountain the middle, where worshippers would wash. There are irrigation channels in the paving, to water the orange trees.

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