Cindy's and Kevin's Visit to Spain, 2009
Seville, and the Plaza de Espaņa

We left home on Saturday, just after noon. We arrived in Seville in mid-afternoon. Our friends Donna and Manolo met us at the airport, and...

Seville hosted the Latin American Exposition of 1929. It was a sort of world's fair for the Spain and Portugal, and all the countries they settled, including the United States. This was Spain's pavilion.

Around the semicircle of the pavilion, were fifty of these alcoves, one for each Spanish province.
Donna and Manolo are excited to be visiting Granada for a moment.

It was nice to see people just hanging out here, tourists and locals alike.

The Plaza de España is for lovers.

There is a handy Metro line that runs downtown. It would have been handier, but they didn't extend it to Donna and Manolo's neighborhood until a month after we had given up and left.

Hotel Alfonso XIII

The Royal Tobacco Factory. Pretty fancy for a factory, huh?
It now belongs to the university.

The hotel again, on the right. On the left is the Church of Mary and Jesus. Centuries ago, it had been a mosque. The red and white striped brick, is characteristic of the Mudejar style.

This is the India Archive building. It was built in the 1500's to house all the records from the exploration of the new world.

The records are now housed across the street, but the shelves and cases are still on display. They hold exhibitions there now.

After seeing the archive building, we went next door to see the Cathedral of Seville.

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