Kevin's and Cindy's Hawaiian Adventure

Our Cottage on Kaua'i

There were many hotels and resorts on Kaua'i. The resorts ranged from $350 to $600 a day. Hotels were more resonably priced, but still more than we'd hoped to pay. We discovered that most cottages, condos and bed & breakfasts cost the same as or less than hotel rooms. Cottages and condos have the added advantages of having kitchens, more privacy and seclusion, and usually more space. Ivy's place had all of that.

We were looking for a place on the south or east side of the island, since most of what we wanted to do were on the south side, but by the time we started making reservations, good places were getting harder to find. In the end, we were very happy to find Ivy's place. It was on the north side of the island, but it was so beautiful.

Ivy's Place

It was bright, spacious and airy. The living room and dining room are shown here, along with part of the lanai. It also had a full kitchen, two bedrooms, and a large bathroom (shower only). It had a garage, laundry, beach chairs and towels, and an attached studio apartment (for which we paid another ten dollars to have no neighbors there). You can't beat that for the same price as a hotel room. Unless maybe you want a restaurant withing walking distance.


The cottage was just past Hanalei on the north side of Kaua'i. There was a winding road that led up a valley, about a mile to Ivy's place. You can see that except for the owners' home, the neighbors weren't very close.

Photo by (and copyright) the owner. That's his home to the right, with our cottage in the very center.

This is the view from the lanai. Not too different than the view from the bedroom, which opens onto the lanai. They had several fruit trees. That's a papaya tree. This is looking south up the valley. To the North, you could see the ocean.

The back yard.

That's the nearest neighbor (other than the owner), across the road. Looking east.

They had lots of dogs. Seven, I think, not including the cow, who only thinks she's a dog. This is Ziggy. She never failed to greet us when we drove in.

Here's the neighborhood:



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