Kevin's and Cindy's Hawai'ian Adventure

The south side of Kaua'i

This is all south and west of Lihue.

The Kaua'i Coffee plantation.

Hanapepe Valley, as seen from the roadside lookouts.

This was the helicopter we flew in, and the assistant who buckled us in. Luke was our pilot at Interisland Helicopters.

The island was covered with chickens. The roosters were pretty birds, but noisy.

There were "birdwatchers" too.

Sunny Poipu, on the southern tip of the island. This was the public beach, among the resorts.

We seldom had any hard rain, but there was very often enough moisture in the air to create rainbows.

This was Spouting Horn. It was interesting, but was one of the few touristy places we visited. The spray of water here was nearly twenty feet high.

There is a lava shelf, and the waves go under it, first forcing air through the hole, which sprays into the air with a groaning sound (hence, the "horn" part of the name). Then the wave itself splashes through the hole.

Waimea Pier in the town of Waimea.

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