Kevin's and Cindy's Hawaiian Adventure

Nu'alolo Trail
These pictures were all taken on our hike on the Nu'alolo Trail.
(written by Kevin)

You can see Cyn in this picture. She's sitting near the ridgetop, just to the left of the little peak in the center. If you lean close to your monitor, you can see one white pixel. That's her. I think she has her head down. Probably looking at pictures on her camera.

This was our big hike for the week. It turned out to be rather strenuous. It was warm and mostly sunny that day. We started way up at Koke'e State Park, near the museum/gift shop. They told us it was a four hour hike. The guides we have say 3.5 and 3.75 hours. It took us five. We had two bottles of water and some food, and we used them up by the end. The first part of the trail was a lot of up and down on muddy trails. The middle part was gently rolling. The end part was more ups and downs. Funny thing is, when we returned, the trail was almost all uphill.

The later, steeper part.

Some parts were more climbs. The sickle shaped leaves lying everywhere were koa leaves.

It was mostly in the woods. Then in the last mile (of four) we began to see the cliffs and the ocean.


See the trail across that next hill? Just around that bend is where Cyn's feet slipped on the gravel. Kinda freaked her out.


Here's where Cyn had some trouble. After slipping earlier, she couldn't bring herself to cross this narrow strip of trail. Yes, the dropoff to the right is about as steep as it looks. The dropoff on the left is not. Or at least it doesn't go very far down. But it still would have been a bit of a slide down a gravelly slope. So she stopped there, and sat for a while, while I went on to the end. (I must say she was a bit surprised at her own reaction to the trail. She described it like an anxiety attack. She had some tears and couldn't make herself cross.) The end was a half mile out. You can see it on the far right. There are some people standing there between the grassy area and the cliff edge.

I could hear goats down below me. Didn't see any of them, though.

The view from the end.



Here's a detail taken from the picture up above. Do you see her now?


It's a long way down. I've got one foot off of the trail, and am leaning over to take this picture. In that picture up top, you can see the trail running along the edge. I think I took this one from just to the right of center. Still didn't see any goats.

Check out the slot that waterfall comes through.

It was such an amazing view. Even at five hours, I'd recommend the hike for just about anyone. Just be sure to take enough food and water.

Copyright Kevin and/or Cindy Hansen