Kevin's and Cindy's Hawai'ian Adventure
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Waimea Canyon
The first thing we did on our first full day on the island was take a helicopter ride. They say you really should take one on Kaua'i, and they're right. There is so much amazing scenery there.

The first part of the ride was in Waimea Canyon. They call it the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. All of these pictures are from there, but only some are from the air.  We saw it twice from the ground. There is one main canyon that runs south towards Waimea, and quite a few tributary canyons that come down from the rainy mountain top. So there's a road that runs along the west rim of the canyon opposite all the feeder canyons, and that's where the rest of the pictures were taken.

This is in the lower part of the canyon, where it's greener.

These pictures are in more-or-less numerical order, which isn't very helpful to you.




That's looking up at the west rim, where the road and overlooks are.


That's the big waterfall at the top of the canyon. It's Waipo'o falls, and there's a trail to the top of it.

The last one of these that was taken from the air.

This was our first good view of the canyon when we drove up.






Notice the rolling hills, with the sheer drop-offs at the bottom.





Yes, that's the road. No, there's no guard rail. Just pull over and make sure there's ground beneath your feet before you step out of the car.

Taken from the edge.

This and the next are taken from the same overlook road, but down in the valley heading out of the canyon.





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